International Competitiveness of Indian Firms: Is it Human Capital, Innovative Capacity or AI Enabled Services?

Mark The Date: 09.04.2022

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IISWBM, the first Management Institute of India, was established on 25th April, 1953, initiating a concept unknown in the educational fraternity. With 67 years of glory, the institute continues to groom its students, nurturing them to be the best of the lot. The establishment boasts of its learned faculty and prestigious Alumni base.

About Insight

INSIGHT, the Annual Corporate Panel Discussion is the first flagship event of the department of MBA (Day) of the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management. It provides the participants with an opportunity to reach out to the corporate world through interactive sessions and real world analysis, embedding a whole new vision in one’s mind. The topics of discussion primarily puts light on the functioning of different corporate spheres of Finance, Marketing, HR, Productions and Systems.

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