Our Events

We are the people who brings exciting experiences through which you shall get entertainment, knowledge and experience all while juggling through the rigorous academic programs the institute offers. We are also your gateway to the corporate world.


The Events Committee organizes the major events of IISWBM that reaches 1000+ pair of eyes. Your organization will benefit from the wide audience of the institute and the other premier B-Schools of the country.


Insight is the annual corporate panel discussion event of IISWBM MBA Day department. Organized by the Events Committee, it is one of the biggest event of IISWBM. Industry stalwarts share their experiences and insights about the now and happening of the industry. An idea presentation competition is organized where the students share their creativity in front of the panelists and are judged by them.


The inter B-School management fest is the stage where you can prove your management competencies. A total of ten games will test your abilities and bring out the best budding manager of all. Organized by the Events Committee in association with all the four clubs and participation from elite B-Schools across the country, this is the proving ground you need!


To bring back the nostalgia of those good old days with the friends you loved, we bring Paradigm, the Alumni meet of IISWBM. Organized by the Events Committee and the Alumni Committee, this event brings back the great industry leaders of the oldest B-School of India. 

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